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Addergoole Titanic Memorial  Park

The village is known as “Ireland’s Titanic Village”, due to the huge loss of life that occurred from the village in the 1912 maritime catastrophe. As was typical of the times, emigration featured strongly in North Mayo, and fourteen people from the Addergoole Parish boarded the Titanic at Cobh in County Cork in search of a new life. Sadly, within days, eleven of these had met their death in the icy waters of Newfoundland when the ship struck an iceberg and sank.

Back in the year 2001, Lahardane community wanted to ensure that these people and their hopes and dreams were not forgotten, and so the The Addergoole Titanic Society was formed by Dr. Paul Nolan to commemorate the sad tale of the ‘Addergoole Fourteen’. In 2012, the 100th anniversary of the deaths was marked with a very memorable and poignant Irish Titanic Centenary Programme, and in April 2012, the Cultural Week drew thousands people to the small village and media from all over the world. The Titanic Memorial Park was developed in memory of the Addergoole 14 & Stained Glass windows which depict the tragedy were installed in St. Patrick's Church Lahardane.

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