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Nephin 2023

"Times Gone By..."

For our Nephin 2020 Calendar, Mike Kinsella & Martyn Harris very kindly let us use some of their incredible photographs.

Our 2021 Calendar was filled with stunning photographs submitted by the public. 

For 2022, Aerial Photography of Mayo took to the skys over the Nephin Region

to capture images that we would never normally see.

This year, we are going back in time.

Thanks to Anthony Leonard and the Leonard Collection of Photographs

we are looking back at images of Nephin & the surrounds.

It's amazing to see how the towns and villages have changed.

We would like to thank Anthony Leonard who has been incredible help

with our Nephin Calendar 2023 journey.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all who purchase our calendar,

and all the businesses who promote it.

Funds raised go back into imporving our community.


We hope your 202 Calendar brings you great memories of times gone by 

& home throughout the year.

Stay Safe.

Nephin & Levalley Lake
Screenshot_20221206_160522_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160500_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160434_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160416_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160542_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160603_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160623_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160640_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160731_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160716_Adobe Acrobat
Screenshot_20221206_160748_Adobe Acrobat
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